Room to Read uncovers 10 key findings on global education

Of interest for our community because Room to Read has had programs in Laos:

Room to Read, a global organization focused on Literacy and Girls’ Education, publicly shared 10 insights into what makes global education work, gleaned from evaluations and studies of the 10 million children they have impacted to date.

The findings include indicators that affect children’s habit of reading, reading fluency and school attendance; governments’ willingness to adapt national curriculums and teaching materials; and the likelihood of girls to remain in school despite risk factors such as societal pressure and early marriage.

The 10 key findings are indicative of Room to Read’s effective program design and have had a significant impact on the quality of education 10 million children around the world received. The findings are below and for more information, visit

  • Children read faster and with greater comprehension when they benefit from systematic reading instruction that focuses on phonics.
  • Children are more likely to read when their teachers have been trained in how to conduct reading activities, such as reading aloud and shared reading.
  • Children prefer illustrated fiction books, such as folklore and fantasy.
  • Libraries are well-run and effective when they are monitored and evaluated consistently.
  • Access to libraries makes students want to read more at school and at home.
  • Transparency leads to greater community involvement and participation.
  • Advocacy and partnerships with local governments are crucial to improving instruction methods and professional development for educators.
  • Parent and guardian engagement in their daughters’ education is essential.
  • Life skills education is directly associated with lower dropout rates and higher advancement rates among girls.
  • Identifying risk factors and implementing early warning systems can prevent girls from dropping out of school and provide them with needed support.

“Achieving our milestone of 10 million children impacted through Room to Read’s programs is a time to celebrate and further our mission,” said Erin Ganju, Room to Read’s CEO and co-founder. “By sharing our findings on what works in global education we hope to deliver a quality education to every child in every corner of the globe.”

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