Creating “Short Futures” at CTRL+ALT


Over the weekend of November 11-12, over 40 local and visiting artists, including Lao American artists Saymoukda Douangphouxay Vongsay and Bryan Thao Worra transformed the old Pearl River Mart in New York’s Soho district into a dynamic space for express and the exchange of ideas.

They welcomed over 10,000 people that weekend as they transformed two floors of the old store into a pop-up museum. An interactive gallery of diverse views on possible futures, it was entitled “Ctrl+Alt: A Culture Lab on Imagined Futures.” The curators noted “even those who have long been pushed to the margins are the center of someone’s universe.”

Short Futures
While we’re used to thinking of imagined futures as sprawling epics spanning galaxies, there are many other exciting approaches. Come explore and create your own Scifaiku, Drabbles, and 6-Word Science Fiction Novels in this imaginative workshop for all ages!


Thao Worra noted “One of the important things we can do to generate the kinds of ideas that we need in our community is to demystify the idea that science fiction, fantasy and horror always requires a trilogy of phone-books to express interesting ideas.”


He continued, “Hopefully, following the workshop the youth who attended felt more confident to share those ideas and reconsider the possibilities of what their world could be.”

Bryan Thao Worra is the president of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, an international literary organization celebrating the poetry of the imaginative and the fantastic. A Lao American writer, he holds over 20 awards for his work including an NEA Fellowship in Literature and was a Cultural Olympian representing Laos during the 2012 London Summer Games. The author of 6 books,his work appears internationally including Australia, Canada, Scotland, Germany, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, and Pakistan.

The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center is “a migratory museum.” It brings Asian Pacific American history, art and culture to communities through innovative museum experiences online and throughout the United States. The Culture Labs were made possible by a generous donation by the Ford Foundation.


About Laomagination Media

Focused on a mission to develop a body of multicultural, multimedia resources that meets the needs of Lao Americans and their friends and families interested in the speculative arts, whether it’s science fiction, fantasy, horror or other artistic genres engaging the Lao imagination and heritage.
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