Using Art To Explore Culture with Saymoukda Vongsay

Saymoukda Vongsay was recently highlighted at the COMPAS blog in Minnesota on the subject of using art to explore culture. “My artist and refugee identities are confluent with one another. It’s been almost ten years of self interrogation but I’ve come to realize: Making art for the sake of presenting something surface-beautiful is not enough – it has to be interrogative – of yourself, of your audience. As someone whose elders were killed and silenced by the oppressive communists for speaking their minds, every time I take up space, I am pushing back and being my elders’ radical dream.” Be sure to also catch her interview at Twin Cities Geek as well as in the Wake where she’s called Minnesota’s most prolific Lao artist!


About Laomagination Media

Focused on a mission to develop a body of multicultural, multimedia resources that meets the needs of Lao Americans and their friends and families interested in the speculative arts, whether it’s science fiction, fantasy, horror or other artistic genres engaging the Lao imagination and heritage.
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