Poem: “Forgive Me” by Haylee Thikeo

Forgive Me

My sweet tender heart,
The truth is simple.
I am the one
Who broke you.
Not him, her or them.
It was me,
Shattering you into pieces

Because I didn’t know how to love you .

And now you can’t sing
Without tears filling your chest,
No rhythms you feel
But for the pain that beats
Out of the hole that I’ve left.

How do I even dare,
Dare ask for you to forgive me…

Haylee Thikeo 2
Content marketer by day, artivist and accidental poet by night, Haylee Thikeo is a Lao American digital storyteller from Boston, Massachusetts. A Media Studies graduate from Northeastern University, Haylee has hosted a number of workshops on campus and conferences including ECAASU and BAASIC. Some of her workshop topics include: Asian American Identity in the MediaReclaiming Our Asian American Identity with Digital Media and Personal Branding Tools, and How to Use Social Media for Social Justice: Hashtag Activism 101. She was also a panelist at the Regent Park Film Festival and the Boston Asian American Film Festival.

Before moving to Oakland, California, Haylee was working on Stories of Asian America, a digital collection of narratives capturing Asian American and Asian Immigrant experiences in Boston. Today, she is exploring her family’s refugee history and working on a project about love, intimacy,and transgenerational trauma. 

You can connect with her on instagram,  twitter, or shoot her an email at hayleethikeo@gmail.com.

About Laomagination Media

Focused on a mission to develop a body of multicultural, multimedia resources that meets the needs of Lao Americans and their friends and families interested in the speculative arts, whether it’s science fiction, fantasy, horror or other artistic genres engaging the Lao imagination and heritage.
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