Poem: “Today” by Sao Thao


I made a promise today that I would never repeat yesterday.
I gathered my yesterdays together and bundled it into one big pile.
I was ready to set fire.

“Set it on fire.” The little voice chanted over and over until the chanting filled my mind and became one with my heart.

I got the match ready.
Struck the head of the match against the rough and scratchy surface; a wonderful red, blue, orange flame instantly burst forth.

I watched the flame do a dance of death, slowly and mournfully then quicker more
delightfully all too happy to appear in front of me begging me to do what it was called for.

It was so captivating that I almost burned my fingers while watching it grow bigger dancing happily to my fingertips.

In horror my yesterdays yelled out in despair, misery and dismay: “Save us. We won’t
become a burden. Save us.”

As I got ready to ignite another match; I thought about those yesterdays begging me.
As the begging rose above my promise, my promise seemed to be weak, beaten down and depressed.

I had to stay strong.
I had to keep my promise.
I cannot repeat yesterday once more today.

In the end I knew that I couldn’t kill them because somewhere in all my yesterdays were
buried my todays.

So today instead of burning away my yesterdays; I put them in a safe deposit box so that I can open up any time I wanted to, to treasure or to perhaps throw away if not needed.

Today, I will make a new promise to not repeat my yesterdays but to learn from them
knowing that it will be the only way for me to move to tomorrow making a new today!


Sao Thao is a writer in Southern California.

About Laomagination Media

Focused on a mission to develop a body of multicultural, multimedia resources that meets the needs of Lao Americans and their friends and families interested in the speculative arts, whether it’s science fiction, fantasy, horror or other artistic genres engaging the Lao imagination and heritage.
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