Lao American Review is a space for writers who are interested in exploring and expanding the definition of Lao America. It believes there are many ways to be Lao, especially in America, and that there is value in maintaining the best of our traditional values while occasionally redefining our interpretation of our values to create a culture that is viable and robust for the 21st and 22nd century. Lao American Review is published regularly and welcomes original submissions of poetry, short essays, short stories, reviews, and news of upcoming events in the community across the US and in Laos.

Our Staff

Somnouk Silosoth
Catzie Vilayphonh

Kajsiab Thoj
Editorial Assistant

Reviewers and Contributors
Jennifer Curtis
M.K. Khamchanh
Thoune Kouanchao
Scott Jones
Barbara Nichols
Loy Photisane
Norrarak Sanavongsay
Melanie Silosoth
Jeff Skrenes
Steve Thao


Lao American Review wouldn’t be Lao American Review without the passion of our community who writes for it. A big thanks goes to our writers who have agreed to contribute reviews, essays, interviews and features to Lao American Review in the coming year ahead. We are delighted to publish work by a diverse constituency, from first-time writers to award-winning established authors. Write to us about becoming a contributor! laowriters@gmail.com

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